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We offer emergency services - Sometimes the minor plumbing issues can do serious damage to your house - But not every plumbing emergency require a call to a licensed plumber. Save yourself time and high cost and call Handyman Solutions for your minor plumbing problems. We are unlicensed company, but we have the experience to provide professional quality and reliable services, and if you can't find the minor plumbing service you are looking for on the website or the job is too big for us, you can ask us anyway as we do have trusted licensed plumbing contractors that can help you. Handyman Solutions are happy to assist you in any way possible to get the service that you need! Service within 24 hours.


We offer emergency services - Sometimes the minor plumbing issues can do serious damage to your house - But not every plumbing emergency require a call to a licensed plumber. Save yourself time and high cost and call Handyman Solutions for your minor plumbing problems.


Our estimate is always free - And not hidden cost for our services.

Some of our minor Plumbing Services near you: Replace, Repair, Installation.


Bathroom faucet installation

They are the most difficult faucets replacement, repair but the result is fresh and beautiful Bathroom. So call us today and we will do this for you. Call us for your bathroom remodeling

Replace kitchen faucet

Kitchen Faucet installation

Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet is the most commonly used kitchen faucet, also we can install Double Hole or multi hole faucet for you. Kitchen faucet replacement - Call Now!

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Garbage disposal installation

We will install, repair or replace Garbage disposal for you. Same day service. Clean and professional.

Water Pressure reducing valve replacement

Install Water Pressure Reducing Valve

We can deliver and install all size PRV valves from Half-inch to inch and a half. Free estimate. Pressure Reducing/Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure.

Handyman Solutions

Fixing high or low water pressure

Low or High water pressure can be caused by many things. We will make evaluation of the problem for no charge. And provide you a free estimate for the repair.

Replace shut-off valve

Main shut-off valve replacement

We will replace your old main water shut-off valve doesn't matter if is for your house or the sprinkler system.


Repair leaking shower, faucet, bathtub

Call you today and we will arrive with no time and provide you a free estimate for the repair.

Reverse Osmosis System repair

Reverse Osmosis system Installation

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shower cartridge install

Cartridge Replacement

Safe time and money and call us for your faucet - shower cartridge replacement, install repair cartridge.

Crawl Space Leaks investigation

Crawl Space Leaks Repair

We'll do your dirty work. Leak investigation or Repairing all leaks in the Crawl Space. Contact us

Repair leak on main water line2

Water Main Line repairs

There is usually a house shut-off valve, but when the leak is between the water meter and the house you need to call us. We will fix it.

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

Water Heater Repair

We repair all water heater brands - Rheem, A.O.Smith, Bradford White, GE, American Standard, Kenmore and many more.

Handyman Solutions

Water leak repair

We repair all type of water leaks: leaking shower, angle stop valve, leaking faucet, leaking shut-off valve, hose bibb, sprinkler system and many more.


Unclog and Clean Drains on Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Bathtub

No success - no payment! It's as simple as that.
Call now!


Repair leak under sink

Under the sink we have so many things that can go wrong. We will repair or replace the broken part - it depends on the case.


Tankless Maintenance Flushing Descaling

Maintenance on brands like Rinnai, Rheem, Noritz, Navien, Takagi, Bosch, Paloma but not limited to.

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What They Say

I can't thank Aleks enough for stopping by on short notice to fix my leaking shutoff valve and replace shower cartridge. I tried to replace the cartridge myself but... He's SO nice, professional, and works fast. I highly recommend!
Greg Johnson
Great communication and kept me posted on his ETA. Very good and clean job on our plumbing A+
Shanna Kampirapang
Alex was wonderful to work with! He was prompt, friendly and expertly put kitchen faucet and garbage disposal for us. I've already recommended him to other friends and will absolutely call him again to install or repair more things in the future. The pricing is reasonable and is certainly worth reaching out to! Highly recommended!!
Jacob N



Our estimate is always free! Not hidden cost for our services.


What you can inspect from Quick, Efficient and on Time services for all your minor plumbing issues.


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Wide variety of minor plumbing repairs and emergency services.


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